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David Sr. Grau Succession Planning for Financial Advisors. Building an Enduring Business

This book is going to challenge you and everything you think you know about succession planning. For independent advisors, succession planning is quickly becoming the cornerstone to a strategic growth strategy designed to perpetuate their business and their income streams beyond their own lifetime, while providing a multi-generational service platform that attracts and rewards younger advisors. This makes succession planning one of the most, if not the most, important practice management tools in this industry today. As an independent financial advisor, now is the time to address the question of what will happen to your practice and your clients after you “exit the building.” In most cases, the answers are right in front of you. Thankfully, Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business has arrived to transform today’s practices into businesses designed to endure and prosper and serve generations of clients. Learn how to create a “Lifestyle Succession Plan” that can provide a lifetime of income and benefits to the founder even as he/she gradually retires on the job Unlock the power of equity management – the best planning and building tool an independent advisor owns Learn how to attract and retain the best of the next generation to help you build a great business and to support your succession plans and care for your clients and their families Determine precisely when to start a formal succession plan and related continuity plan so that your business can work for you when you need it most Understand why succession planning and selling your business are completely different strategies, but how they can complement each other when used correctly 95% of independent financial service professionals are one owner practices. To the positive, these practices are among the most valuable professional service models in America. But almost all advisors are assembling their practices using the wrong tools – tools borrowed from historically successful, but vastly different models including wirehouses, broker-dealers, and even OSJ’s and branch managers. Revenue sharing, commission splitting and other eat-what-you-kill compensation methods dominate the independent sector and virtually ensure that today’s independent practices, if left unchanged, will not survive the end of their founder’s career. It is time to change course and this book provides the map and the details to help you do just that. For independent practice owners and staff members, advisors who want to transition to independence, as well as accountants, attorneys, coaches and others involved in the financial services space, there are invaluable lessons to be learned from Succession Planning for Financial Advisors. Written by the leading succession planning expert in the financial services industry, former securities regulator, M&A specialist, and founder of the nationally recognized consulting and equity management firm, FP Transitions, David Grau Sr., JD, has created an unmatched resource that will have an enduring and resounding impact on an entire industry.

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David Clemenko Boot Camp for Financial Advisors

Книга "Boot Camp for Financial Advisors".

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David Berke Succession Planning and Management. A Guide to Organizational Systems Practices

The purpose of succession-related practices is to ensure that there are ready replacements for key positions in an organization so that turnover will not negatively affect the organization's performance. CCL first published an annotated bibliography on succession planning in 1995. That bibliography focused primarily on the link between succession and management development. This bibliography has a broader scope; it is an update and expansion, commensurate with the maturation of this area of practice. In addition to linkages between succession and development, we also consider representative literature on CEO succession, high potentials, and succession systems and architecture. It is hoped that those who use this bibliography will find resources that help them in conceptualizing, planning, and implementing effective succession systems in their organizations.

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Mark Tibergien C. The Enduring Advisory Firm. How to Serve Your Clients More Effectively and Operate Efficiently

A guide for financial advisors who are ready to embrace new opportunities The Enduring Advisory Firm is a book for the forward-thinking financial advisor. Financial advisement is traditionally a hands-on field, so few in the industry feel threatened by the shifting social and technological landscape. In this book, Mark Tibergien—routinely named one of the most influential people in the financial services world—and Kim Dellarocca make a compelling case for taking a closer look at technology and other big-deal industry trends in order to move the business of financial advice into the next stage of its evolution. Combining a facts-based approach with case studies and examples from the field, The Enduring Advisory Firm will ignite your imagination by demonstrating practical strategies for attracting clients and streamlining operations. Todays smart practice managers are focusing on emerging topics like the needs and expectations of the Millennial generation, mobile and interactive technologies, and growth planning. Responding thoughtfully to these trends, with the help of this book, could propel your financial advising business toward a more successful future. In-depth discussion of trends and forces that you can harness to reshape your financial advisement business Case studies and examples showing how to navigate the most difficult business decisions Innovative ideas for process improvement, more fruitful client interactions, and sustainable growth Tips and insight for attracting Millennial clients and talent by leveraging new technologies The Enduring Advisory Firm will inspire financial advisors, managers, and executives to branch out in ways that will lead to measurable growth. With a newfound focus on the evolution of your business, you might be surprised at where change takes you. In addition to providing RIAs with guidelines to help them succeed, all of the proceeds from this book will support the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, a national initiative to create a more diverse and financial planning profession so that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice. The Center brings together CFP® professionals, firms, educators, researchers and experts to address profession-wide challenges in the areas of diversity and workforce development, and to build an academic home that offers opportunities for conducting and publishing new research that adds to the financial planning body of knowledge. Learn more at www.CenterforFinancialPlanning.org.

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Marshall Weintraub, Michael Merrill, Cole Kimball Financial Planning Basics for Doctors. The Personal Finance Course Not Taught in Medical School

Financial Planning Basics for Doctors is a comprehensive guide on building a long-term financial plan for doctors and their families. Subjects covered include student loans, home buying, disability insurance, estate planning, college planning, retirement planning, investments, and behavioral finance, among many others.Each chapter starts with the basics before addressing more advanced concepts, frequently with examples and graphs, and concludes with a concise summary of the key takeaways. Throughout the book, there are links to free downloadable spreadsheets and a planning checklist to help you jump-start and organize your financial plan. The content provided is a result of the feedback the authors have received over thousands of meetings with doctors, condensed into a thorough overview of the most relevant ideas. Teaching hospitals do an excellent job of training our next generation of doctors, yet most new physicians graduate without having had a class on managing their finances. This book was written to fill that knowledge gap. Marshall Weintraub, Michael Merrill, and Cole Kimball are financial advisors with Finity Group, LLC, a financial planning firm specializing in working with doctors.

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Michael Timms Succession Planning That Works. The Critical Path of Leadership Development

Many attempts to establish a succession plan fail. Why? They run up against insurmountable implementation challenges, or weak executive commitment and follow-through. Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development is a step-by-step guide to help HR professionals and senior leaders develop a succession plan that delivers a measurable return on investment. Based on in-depth interviews with senior executives from nearly 50 organizations, Succession Planning That Works reveals not only the most important components of effective succession planning, but also the most effective order in which to put them into practice. Packed with real-world examples, Succession Planning That Works shows how real companies have attempted to tackle succession planning issues and examines both their victories and their failures to highlight the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Topics include: • 13 reasons to begin succession planning now • How to calculate the ROI of promoting from within • The Succession Planning Critical Path - the most efficient and effective way to implement a succession plan• How to gain or strengthen executive buy-in for succession planning • How to measure your success Also included are 20 downloadable templates and tools to help make succession planning easier to comprehend and implement....

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Michael J. Garry Independent Financial Planning. Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Planner

Let's face it-financial planning is confusing and overwhelming for most people. There's more information than you can possibly sort through, and too many voices telling you what to do with it. Feeling lost? You're not the only one-but you don't have to navigate the wilds of financial planning alone. The right financial advisor is the best ally you can have as you build wealth and secure your future. But how do you know who to choose?Independent Financial Planning walks you step-by-step through the process of finding and choosing the right financial advisor. If you're ready to take control of your financial future and start planning for success, you need this straightforward, user-friendly, and no-nonsense guide. You'll learn how to find and vet financial advisors, discover the six steps to financial planning, and determine which financial products best suit your needs. And you'll find out how to distinguish between a financial advisor and a salesman-and who that distinction can make a huge difference in your financial security.Comprehensive but accessible, Independent Financial Planning will show you how to find an advisor who can meet you where you're at financially-and understand where it is you want to go. Whether you're planning for retirement or planning to travel the world, Independent Financial Planning is the only guide you'll need to finding the best financial advisor for your needs.

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Craig Holland The Art of Business Succession. Who will fill your shoes?

As the majority of baby boomers retire over the next five to 10 years, succession planning will be vital for the long-term survival of many businesses. Australia is about to see a huge transfer of wealth from the baby boomer generation, yet many businesses, particularly family-owned businesses, struggle to ensure a smooth transition of business management and ownership. Myriad studies show that fewer than 30 per cent of private businesses have an achievable succession plan in place. Most business owners do nothing or they choose to focus on one area in the succession planning process such as tax, while ignoring many of the other key issues that need to be dealt with. For companies that are family owned, the ramifications may be even more sweeping. The personal issues they face, compounding other day-to-day business concerns, range from planning for income taxes to maintaining interpersonal relationships with family members. Succession planning is more complex now as many different business, financial and personal issues come into play. A good succession plan will look at a range of issues such as people and talent, family dynamics, corporate structure, estate planning, insurance and share transfer to name just a few. The Art of Business Succession Planning is for anyone in business who wants to have a change, retire or simply sell their business. It is designed to guide business owners through a comprehensive and strategic approach to the business succession process. The opportunities and benefits are great when succession planning is undertaken in a disciplined way.

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Arnold Dahlke Business Succession Planning FD

Книга "Business Succession Planning FD".

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John Sestina E. Planning a Successful Future. Managing to Be Wealthy for Individuals and Their Advisors

A deeply insightful guide to goal-based financial planning and wealth management Planning a Successful Future empowers advisors and clients to take control of their money and manage their income to achieve their financial goals. Written by the father of fee-only financial planning, this book features real-life stories and examples from over three decades in the industry to illustrate how financial planning works and the best way to create your strategy. Youll learn how to identify and prioritize your goals, and why theyre important—and how to get where you need to be for retirement, education, home ownership, and more. Practical exercises get you started on the right track, and useful checklists keep you organized and focused along the way. Youll get expert insight on risk management, allocation, tax reduction, estate planning, and more, as you develop your strategy and put it into action. The financial services industry undergoes frequent changes, and financial planning specifically is affected to a high degree. Keeping up with the latest news and distinguishing trend from legitimate methodology can itself be a fulltime job. This book gives you the background you need to create a plan, and make the smart choices that will help you grow and protect your wealth. Create a realistic and goal-based financial plan Take a more proactive approach to your finances Identify your goals and how to achieve them Allocate investments appropriately for your situation Financial planning is complex, with many variables to analyze and outside forces that can derail even the best laid plans. Planning a Successful Future gives you the information, tools, strategies, and insight you need to make the best decisions for your financial future.

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Rafiu Akinpelu Olaore Entrepreneurial Family Firms in Nigeria

The book provides a highly structured and comprehensive approach on how culture impacts the succession planning in an entrepreneurial family firm in Nigeria with particular reference to a polygamous family. The author adopted comparative multiple case study approach by selecting five polygamous family firms for in-depth exploration of findings. The author established that a culture of polygamy, political and economic activities pose challenges in family business succession planning. More so, the result of the theoretical framework applied in this study concurred with the literature that cultural, political and economic conditions interlinked with a family business. Consequently, they have an impacts on entrepreneurial family firms succession planning and its management. This book, therefore, identifies challenges in family firms and suggests best succession planning to transfer the family business to the next generation successfully.

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Mike Fager, Dave McKinney Succession Planning for the Family Owned Business

Succession Planning for the Family Owned Business represents a comprehensive strategy for ensuring that your family business is passed successfully to the next generation. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to plan for the future of yo

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John W. Ambrecht Esq, Howard Berens M. D., Richard Goldwater D. with Tom Gorman For Love & Money. Protecting Family Wealth in Estate Succession Planning

Книга "For Love & Money. Protecting Family & Wealth in Estate & Succession Planning".

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Kristofor R. Behn Succession or Failure. The Small Business Owners Essential Handbook for Value Creation, Exit Strategy Planning and Capital Extraction

Книга "Succession or Failure. The Small Business Owner's Essential Handbook for Value Creation, Exit Strategy Planning and Capital Extraction".

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Chuck Thoele Bulls, Bears, & Basketball. Financial Planning for College Hoops Fans

In Bulls, Bears, and Basketball, financial planning veteran Chuck Thoele makes the case that average investors can learn a lot from their hardwood heroes. Guiding readers through the colorful history of NCAA basketball, Thoele draws parallels between some of the game's most dramatic moments and the must-know principles of building financial security. He tells of unstoppable teams, coaching geniuses, and glorious victories and relates them to essential lessons about investing, insurance, retirement, estate planning and more. Assess your team, scout the competition, perfect your offense, get tough on defense, and keep an eye on the clock as you chart your game plan for a financial championship!

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David Sr. Grau Buying, Selling, and Valuing Financial Practices. The FP Transitions M&A Guide

The Authoritative M&A Guide for Financial Advisors Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices shows you how to complete a sale or acquisition of a financial advisory practice and have both the buyer and seller walk away with the best possible terms. From the first pages of this unique book, buyers and sellers and merger partners will find detailed information that separately addresses each of their needs, issues and concerns. From bestselling author and industry influencer David Grau Sr. JD, this masterful guide takes you from the important basics of valuation to the finer points of deal structuring, due diligence, and legal matters, with a depth of coverage and strategic guidance that puts you in another league when you enter the M&A space. Complete with valuable tools, worksheets, and checklists on a companion website, no other resource enables you to: Master the concepts of value and valuation and take this issue “off the table” early in the negotiation process Utilize advanced deal structuring techniques including seller and bank financing strategies Understand how to acquire a book, practice or business based on how it was built, and what it is capable of delivering in the years to come Navigate the complexities of this highly-regulated profession to achieve consistently great results whether buying, selling, or merging Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices will ensure that you manage your M&A transaction properly and professionally, aided with the most powerful set of tools available anywhere in the industry, all designed to create a transaction where everyone wins—buyer, seller, and clients.

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Charles Hall Financial & Tax Planning for Small Businesses

Книга "Financial & Tax Planning for Small Businesses".

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Doris Sims, Matthew Gay Building T Talent. A P Guide to Talent Management and Succession Planning

You've heard the human resource buzz words - talent management, talent assessment, high potentials, succession planning - but what does it all really mean? What steps and decisions are involved in the creation and implementation of these programs? How will you be able to measure these programs to ensure positive business results are achieved?Written by two human resource practitioners who have implemented these programs in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and lived to tell the tale, Building Tomorrow's Talent provides practical ideas and tools to help others create and enhance these programs in their own organizations. "This user-friendly workbook provides the reader with step-by-step instruction for starting a Talent Management program from scratch, or taking an existing program to the next level. As a company that cherishes its unique culture, we particularly appreciate the emphasis on customizing the program to reflect the company's personality."Fiona Macleod Butts and Karen GoochDirector and Project Specialist of Talent ManagementPeople and Leadership Development, Southwest Airlines "Building Tomorrow's Talent provides a truly practical guide and represents a landmark book in the field of succession planning and talent management.Mark Caruso, President and CEO, Success Associates, Inc. "Building Tomorrow's Talent is a must read for anyone who is trying to get their hands around how to implement a succession planning process in thei...

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Kevin Grogan The Only Guide Youll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan. Managing Your Wealth, Risk, and Investments

An accessible guide that outlines the key elements of an effective financial plan From Larry Swedroe, the author of the bestselling series of «The Only Guide» investment books, with Kevin Grogan and Tiya Lim comes a step-by-step handbook that shows you how to develop a winning personal investment strategy and reveals what it takes to make that strategy part of your overall financial plan. The Only Guide Youll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan focuses on the «art» of investing and gives you the information you need to create a strategy that is tailor-made for your particular situation. Designed for savvy investors and professional advisors, this book offers the vital information needed for developing and implementing an overall strategic financial plan. In this essential resource, Swedroe outlines the basics in asset allocation and other investment planning concepts. Addresses how you can design an investment policy statement and an individual asset allocation plan Examines how to maintain your portfolios risk profile in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner Offers insights on integrating risk management and estate planning issues into your plan The Only Guide Youll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan offers a handy tool to help you make more informed and prudent decisions that will go a long way to ensure a secure financial future.

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Душевая стойка Timo SR-0037. ... Душевая стойка Timo SR-0037. Артикул: Timo SR-0037. Цена за шт.: 5 180 РУБ. Количество - +. Заказать.

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Душевая штанга Timo (SR-0037 chrome) душевой гарнитур timo sr 7018 chrome · Душевая штанга Timo (SR-0037 chrome). Timo Похожие товары.

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Timo SR-0037 Душевая штанга (хром / антик) для вашей ванной комнаты или туалета по низким ценам.

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Душевой гарнитур TIMO SR 0037 Antique. ... оборудование; »; Душевые гарнитуры · Душевой гарнитур TIMO SR 0037 Antique. Артикул: SR 0037 Antique ...

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Артикул SR-0037. Тип душевая штанга. Материал латунь. Высота 65. Цвет хром. Стилистика дизайна современный стиль. Форма круглая. Оснащение ...

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Финляндия Код товара: 137562 Бренд: Timo Артикул: SR-0037 antique Модель: Штанга для душа. 6 139 р. ... Штанга для душа Timo SR-0037 chrome.

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Душевой гарнитур Timo Saga SK-1018 chrome с верхним душем, хром. 14280 руб. ... SR-7011 Хром. 2537.74 руб. ... SR-0037 Хром. 5195.85 руб.

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15 окт. 2018 г. - Душевой набор (гарнитур) Timo SR-7017. душевой ... Timo SR-7021 Душевая штанга. Оплата: .... Душевой гарнитур Timo SR-0037 Хром.

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Bill Cates The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors. How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Build Grow Your Business

Expert advice for financial advisors looking to make the most of social media platforms Social media is everywhere. 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each week, 22 million professionals are networking on LinkedIn, and 140 million tweets are posted every day. The opportunities these platforms present for financial advisors are huge, but most advisors have no idea how to use them to build bigger, stronger client bases. The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Build and Grow Your Business shows how to make the most of these new tools, offering invaluable advice about how to connect with potential clients in the twenty first century. For most advisors, converting prospects into clients is their top priority, and social media presents incredible opportunities for sealing the deal. Sales dont happen because clients are impressed by complicated charts, they happen because theyre impressed by your social media presence, and by properly understanding how to make these new platforms work for you, youll be positioned to see your business boom. Designed to teach financial advisors how to use social media to better market their services to attract new clients and referrals Presents expert communication advice from top financial advisor coach Matthew Halloran Categorizes communicators in a unique new way Teaches financial advisors how to use social media in new, highly effective ways that theyve never even considered An essential resource for wealth managers and financial advisors looking to amplify their marketing message and raise their visibility in a crowded marketplace, The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors is the only book you need to make yourself heard.

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Lonnie R. Mathews Beating Debt and Building Wealth. A Financial Guide for Christians

Книга "Beating Debt and Building Wealth. A Financial Guide for Christians".

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Tom Y. Sawyer Pro Excel Financial Modeling. Building Models for Technology Startups

Книга "Pro Excel Financial Modeling. Building Models for Technology Startups".

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Ivan Illan M. Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies

A must-have reference for financial advisors In step-by-step detail, Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies covers how a current or would-be financial advisor can maximize their professional success through a series of behaviors, activities, and specific client-centric value propositions. In a time when federal regulators are changing the landscape on the standard of care that financial services clients should expect from their advisors, this book affords professionals insight on how they can be evolving their practices to align with the regulatory and technological trends currently underway. Inside, you’ll find out how a financial advisor can be a true fiduciary, how to compete against the growing field of robo-advisors, and how the passive investing trend is actually all about being an active investor. Additionally, you’ll discover time-tested advice on building and focusing on client relationships, having a top advisor mindset, and much more. Master the seven core competencies Attract and win new business Pick the right clients Benchmark your performance Start your own firm Brimming with practical expert advice, Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies is a priceless success tool for any wannabe or experienced financial advisor.

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Stephen Gresham D. The New Advisor for Life. Become the Indispensable Financial to Affluent Families

Expert advice on building an unshakable foundation as a financial advisor to the elite The revised and updated edition of the definitive guide to growing and maintaining a financial advice firm, The New Advisor for Life explores the fallout of the market crash on up-and-coming advisors. With a particular focus on the generation X and Y concern with debt management and long-term investment, this new edition examines what young investors look for in an advisor. Today, more than ever, insight, analysis, and validation are valued, but to be truly successful, an advisor needs to walk the line between being well-informed but not appearing condescending. What todays investors want in a financial advisor is someone who can cut through the noise and clutter of the financial services industry and the mainstream media Covers the basics, from setting a clients investment goals, selecting complementary investments, and monitoring portfolio balance, to the advanced—developing a personal finance plan for your clients based on their specific needs Steve Gresham presents a 19-point checklist for financial advisors to offer their clients «life advice» Keeping clients engaged is more important than ever, and The New Advisor for Life gives the aspiring financial advisor the secrets to success normally reserved for the countrys top firms.

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Frances S. De Nuit Due Diligence. A New Theoretical Model for the School Boards Role in Creating Strategic Educational and Financial Planning Coherence

Книга "Due Diligence. A New Theoretical Model for the School Board's Role in Creating Strategic Educational and Financial Planning Coherence".

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C.E. Scott Brewster Financial Planning Handbook

Everything you need to know to focus on the basics and make solid financial planning decisions.

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Arnold Dahlke Business Succession Planning For Dummies

The fast and easy way to get a handle on business succession planning While the demand for effective managers continues to grow, the retirement of baby boomers is producing a sharp decline in the ranks of available management personnel. In addition, the executives of the future are expected to be more sophisticated in order to develop and lead new global and technological initiatives. For these reasons, strategic and often long-sighted succession planning for the eventual replacement of managers at all levels has reached a critical level. Business Succession Planning For Dummies aids managers, human resource professionals, and upper management in cultivating and retaining their existing employees to ensure the availability and capability of persons to assume leadership roles in the future. In plain English, it prepares business owners to ask the difficult questions when it comes to developing a working succession plan for their businesses key positions. This book also offers information on how to retain and train personnel within an organization so that a more seamless transition can be made when a senior leader or other important personnel retires or leaves the organization. How to retain and train personnel for a more seamless transition Easy-to-follow guidance on developing a working succession plan Tips to create a plan to save time, money, knowledge, and clients by hiring from within If youre a manager or human resources professional looking to develop a working succession plan, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered.

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John Grable E. Communication Essentials for Financial Planners. Strategies and Techniques

Exploring the Human Element of Financial Planning Communication Essentials for Financial Planners tackles the counseling side of practice to help financial planners build more productive client relationships. CFP Board’s third book and first in the Financial Planning Series, Communication Essentials will help you learn how to relate to clients on a more fundamental level, and go beyond «hearing» their words to really listen and ultimately respond to what theyre saying. Expert coverage of body language, active listening, linguistic signals, and more, all based upon academic theory. There is also an accompanied set of videos that showcase both good and bad communication and counseling within a financial planning context. By merging written and experiential learning supplemented by practice assignments, this book provides an ideal resource for any client-facing financial professional as well as any student on their pathway to CFP® certification. Counseling is a central part of a financial planners practice, and attention to interpersonal communication goes a long way toward progressing in the field; this guide provides practical instruction on the proven techniques that make a good financial planner great. Build client relationships based on honesty and trust Learn to read body language and the words not spoken Master the art of active listening to help your clients feel heard Tailor your communications to suit the individual clients needs The modern financial planning practice is more than just mathematics and statistical analysis—at its heart, it is based on trust, communication, and commitment. While interpersonal skills have always been a critical ingredient for success, only recently has this aspect been given the weight it deserves with its incorporation into the certification process. Communication Essentials for Financial Planners provides gold-standard guidance for certification and beyond.

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CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook

The official guide for exam success and career excellence Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition is the essential reference for those at any stage of certification and a one-stop resource for practitioners looking to better serve their clients. This fully updated second edition includes brand new content on connections diagrams, new case studies, and new instructional videos, and a completely new section devoted to the interdisciplinary nature of financial planning. Youll gain insights from diverse fields like psychology, behavioral finance, communication, and marriage and family therapy to help you better connect with and guide your clients, alongside the detailed financial knowledge you need to perform to the highest expectations as a financial planner. This book contains over ninety chapters that are essential for practitioners, students, and faculty. Whether a practitioner, student, or faculty member, this guide is the invaluable reference you need at your fingertips. Comprehensive, clear, and detailed, this handbook forms the foundation of the smart financial planners library. Each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations surrounding financial planning, but the information in this book represents the core body of knowledge the profession demands no matter where you practice. Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition guides you from student to practitioner and far beyond, with the information you need when you need it.

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